JingleWin 1.0

JingleWin 1.0: A Keyboard and a multimedia player associated. Play all audio and video files. JingleWin is a brand new original design. It is the association of a piano keyboard and a multimedia player. The keyboard is the one of the window. It can be driven with the mouse, with the computer keyboard and with an external midi keyboard. Each key can be associated with a multimedia file, video or audio that your computer is able to play. Typically all sound files (midi, wav, kar etc..?) and all video files (avi, mpeg, divx ....).

Voiced Keyboard 3.2: Avoid keying errors by listening to your documents as soon as you type them.
Voiced Keyboard 3.2

Keyboard can speak out the text you are typing at the completion of each character or word. Using Voiced Keyboard means that you can touch-type and have your computer confirm that you have been typing without spelling mistakes. This, at the same time, can greatly improve your typing speed. Voiced Keyboard can also read an entire document for you. Another remarkable feature of Voiced Keyboard is that it can generate sounds at certain keyboard events

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Virtual Piano 3.1: Use your keyboard or mouse to play 600 musical instruments, including a piano
Virtual Piano 3.1

keyboard. And now with the new MIDI export feature, you can export your songs to the universally recognized .mid file format! The generated MIDI file is very tiny (only a few KB in size). Features 1. Choose from over 600 musical instruments and various sound effects! 2. Play like a pro using simply your computer`s keyboard or mouse. 3. Get input from an external device such as a MIDI keyboard or "dummy" keyboard. 4. Fun and easy to understand but

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xkbind 2005.01.04

X Keyboard Extension Indicator is a small and simple, but useful indicator of keyboard layout (XKB group) for the X Window System; it outputs information about current keyboard layout attached to each top-level window through their captions via prefixes to original title strings. XkbInd allows to simulate an independent keyboard layout for each handled window and it can work with most of the window managers, including TWM, MWM and FVWM.

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No-Keys 7.0.0

Onscreen computer keyboard. You type on this virtual keyboard using a mouse or other pointing device. (Scan option provided for people who cannot move any pointing device at all). Keys typed on the virtual keyboard go to another program (word processor, etc.) selected by the user. Intended primarily for computer users who have limited mobility who cannot use keyboard. Can also be used with touch screen computers.

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SCR Keyboard Emulator 1.00: The SCR Keyboard Emulator allows the Neuron SCR 5 & 7 range of USB and serial
SCR Keyboard Emulator 1.00

The SCR Keyboard Emulator allows the Neuron SCR 5 & 7 range of USB and serial magnetic swipe card readers to be used as keyboard wedge style readers. This software allows rapid intergration of keyboard stroke based software with magnetic card reading without the need to develop hardware communiction components, reducing development time and costs.

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Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard 1.0: April Fools` Day is around the corner? Try Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard.
Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard 1.0

April Fools` Day is around the corner? Do you find practical joke on friends, enemies or neighbors? Here is - Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard! Beginners get typing immediately with the Alphabetical Ordered Keyboard as they can find the letters easily. The letters are in A to Z order, like the alphabet.

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